From the Editor

Millennium Soccer Club
Photo by John Kalson

Here we are with the end of summer upon us, and here we are producing our last quarterly issue. Both simultaneously bring about a little melancholy for what is ending with a good dose of excitement for what is to come.

The expansion to six bimonthly issues is not so much a change, but rather an expansion to do even more. I’m frequently told by readers that they look forward to each issue’s release, and now it will happen quicker. It also means that we can cover more content each year. We found ourselves with a backlog of topics, wishing we could get to them faster. Now it will happen.

There will be more artists, nonprofits, historical landmarks, pet topics, landscaping ideas, and travel suggestions along with the addition of new interesting subjects. We will also continue the stories of local neighborhood businesses, like this issue’s restaurants Brickhouse BBQ and Norske Nook and retail stores Iconi Interiors and CLUCK the Chicken Store. Also, a new content calendar will be implemented, designed to help you enjoy each issue even more.

We want to continue providing you with the stories you want to read, so please stay connected by sending editorial and content suggestions. We all make up the community we are covering and you should feel like a part of every issue.

Thank you for your continued readership and support. We look forward to seeing you more often!

Amy Johnson