From the Editor

Photo by Dane County Humane Society

Welcome to our first bimonthly issue! We look forward to visiting you more frequently with stories of area businesses, organizations, and people. We were motivated to do this because you asked for it and because we have more to give.

With the expansion, were also incorporating a new annual content calendar. While we will retain our exclusive local focus, we will select many of the topics based on each issues theme. The following are the themes for 2018.

January/February: Epicurean Issue

March/April: Well-Being Issue

May/June: Open Air Issue

July/August: Feed the Brain Issue

September/October: Community & Culture Issue

November/December: Giving & Sharing Issue

Meanwhile, inside this issue we feature OM Indian Fusion, Fisher King Winery, Nicks Restaurant, Monroe Street Framing, The Fireplace Professionals, Common Wealth, and artist Rachelle Miller. There are also our regular pets, beer, landscape, and things to do topics. And the Dane County Humane Society makes another contribution, while Share the Health completes their healthcare series. We appreciate the behind-the-scenes views provided by eachthey perfectly fit our idea of essential organizations.

We are excited to go on this new adventure with you!

Amy Johnson