From the Editor

Photo by ZDA, Inc.

I dont know about you, but Im exhausted by the constant negative news cycle. While I understand the necessity of remaining informed, I appreciate any opportunity for escape. Fortunately, there are options where we live. Seeing as the negativity seems to grow as we look beyond our backyard, were fortunate that our publication focuses on our local community, allowing us to remain positive.

Those who know me personally know I have my opinions and can be a bit outspoken, but Madison Essentials remains neutral when it comes to things like politics. We do not, however, remain neutral when it comes to speaking on behalf of our community and those in it. Our stories will always focus on being supportive and all inclusive.

This is our first content-focused issuethe epicurean issue! Weve always been sought out for stories on restaurants and food, and now we will devote one issue each year to the appreciation of food and drink. This time out, we talk to Sugar River Pizza Company, Vintage Brewing Company, Bunkys Catering, The Conscious Carnivore, and several local chocolatiers. We also discuss how were feeding those in need, what foods are dangerous for your pets, table to farm, and growing food in our home gardens.

In addition to our food focus, we talk wheat beer, present local artist S.V. (Sue) Medaris, share the history of the landmark American Exchange Bank building, include more insightful information from the Dane County Humane Society, and begin a new financial series.

Thank you for being a positive part of our work to promote all things local!

Amy Johnson