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The Feed the Brain issue came about in our discussions concerning how being open to learning is integral at every turn of our lives. In infancy, we learn to walk and talk. In middle school, we begin to learn about relationships and problem-solving. In high school and college, we delve further into more complicated relationships and learn the life skills we’ll need to equip us for careers and adulthood. As adults, the learning possibilities are endless, whether in evolving job markets, growing a family, or strengthening interpersonal relationships.

Then in midlife, we begin to think about our later years, especially if we find ourselves in the position of caretaking for our parents or other loved ones. We want to make sure that once we reach our later-life stages, we’ll not only be comfortable from a financial perspective, but also in our mental capacity.

And how can we discuss feeding the brain without bringing up reading? Whether for pleasure or work, reading affects every stage of life—from the time we learn to read, through the education process, to keeping a healthy mind in later years. Madison Reading Project provides books and literacy programming to the underserved children in south central Wisconsin, and exposes them to the sheer joy of reading. They open doors for these kids in a way that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible.

The Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation (WWBIC) provides business and financial education opportunities to women, lower-income individuals, and people of color. They’ve provided business loans, classes, coaching, and money management tools to entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals. Their efforts go to improve economic well-being within our community.

As I mentioned above, everything we do that affects us on a cognitive level influences our entire lives. This not only includes educational efforts, both formal and informal, but also what we do in our everyday lives. The phrase “use it or lose it” comes into play here. So we talk about recreation, including board and mind games at all ages and travel, and we get more specific about what to consider when preserving your cognition.

All this and more. We’re happy to encourage you to visit the Agora Art Fair for its 10th Anniversary and also to dine at Fuegos. And check out the next chapters for DAIS, Sandy Eichel, finances, landmarks, landscaping, beer, improv classes, and pets, and we introduce you to artist Kay Myers.

We hope this issue will encourage and inspire you to feed your brain!

Amy Johnson