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Looking to discover a better version of yourself for the new year? Some may look to aesthetic or external improvements; however, examining the dietary choices you make daily will impact not only how you look, but feel. In a fast-paced world, some of us arent getting everything our bodies need. To combat this, some have turned to a natural solution.

Tim and Becki OBrien of Apple Wellness, a nutrition-supplement store, fight to educate and empower others to find their healthy place. Experts agree that the best way to get vitamins and other nutrients is through the food you eat, but as Tim points out, that may not be as easy as it once was. People come to our stores because the food is not what it was 50 or 100 years ago. A bowl of brown rice has 40 percent less calcium than it did in 1960s.

So well have two categories [of customers], the folks that simply want to feel more energized and uplift their mood and lower stress and feel better day to daythey are already healthy individuals, but they want to be even healthier. And the second category is people that have chronic issues, like chronic pain, digestive issues, headaches, migraines, chronic stress, sleep problems, depression, and they want to treat those things naturally, not with drugs.

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Education and information is vital to the supplement industry. Information about how to best serve our bodies is often evolving as we learn new things. Odds are you remember taking or doing something when you were younger for health reasons that is no longer recommended, but thats generally because science never reaches an answer that it wont question or explore further. Tim accesses numerous sources from different platforms to receive information about the naturopathic world on health topics, and to stay ahead of the times. For example, well get notified when Baylor University has produced a new clinical trial in treating cancer the natural way. Treating cancer, arthritis, and depression at Baylor University for the last 15 years, and we get those updates. A recent one that just came out was a clinical grape-seed extract that if you get it in the right form kills cancer stem cells. Chemotherapy and radiation might zap the cancer, but it doesnt kill off all the cancer stem cells, which is why recurrence with cancer is constant and comes back with a vengeance. Good science is showing clinical grape-seed extract is actually killing those cancer stem cells.

[We enjoy] being that knowledgeable, caring resource. In fact, there is not a day that goes by between the two stores that I dont receive four to six testimonies of people getting off the medications. It is pretty rewarding. Are you serious? That worked? Ive been suffering for this amount of years and this little natural place knew what to recommend, and now I feel 80 percent better. To me, that is where I get excited.

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As important as it is for people in the industry to keep up with the science, theres a second component of a nutritionists education that goes beyond the books: experience. Tim has worked with thousands of customers to get an idea of what works and what doesnt, and understands that theres always more information out there. I have a lot of people who are smarter than me that I learned from to gain the education to find out what works.

Some might be quick to point out that supplements arent FDA approved. On its face, this might seem a negative, but Tim argues, No food is FDA approved; however, we know there is healthy and not healthy food. When you look at a greater perspective of supplements being food, you can learn what Hippocrates said, Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Food heals thy self. Supplements are from foods, and you learn what is good for different systems and make those recommendations. And we need to be careful and not pretend we are doctors or pharmacists. Thats why I love the medical side of having people work with their doctors or pharmacists to see if you can try this natural approach versus the drugs. No matter which works, the end goal, as Tim says, is to make the individual happy and healthy.

And health is more than just being nutritionally balanced. Chronic pain, often defined as pain lasting more than 12 weeks, plays a large role in decreasing a persons quality of life as they suffer over the years. A popular beneficial product Tim discusses is CBD oil. It has all the benefits of medicinal marijuana without the high. The top two categories its used for are stress and chronic pain. Most of us dont want to get high; however, weve heard of all these benefits for chronic pain, cancer treatment, stress, anxiety, sleep problems, and depression. CBD is the active compound from hemp that has all those benefits without the high. And weve been seeing tons of lives changed by that.

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This lends itself to educating yourself on inflammation. Tim says, Inflammation is the root of every disease or condition. If people can get inflammation cleansed out of their bodies on a daily basis, theyll feel better as a whole. He then points out what he sees as the most powerful anti-inflammatory on the market: curcumin, a component of turmeric. Thats a nutrient product that I want to get the word out on. Tim says most pain issues can be resolved through knowing the proper utilizations of curcumin and CBD oil.

The options for staying healthy inside and out are plentiful. No matter where you decide to go or what you decide to do, Tim emphasizes finding a place that stresses soul before sale. Always putting the customer first and fighting for their health and success more than anything else.

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Krystle Engh Naab is a freelance writer and copy editor for Madison Essentials.

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