From the Editor

Im writing during Januarys snowstorms and record cold snap, which have led to a common satirical theme in communication exchanges: why do we live in Wisconsin? While Im not a fan of shoveling, dangerous roads, and life-threatening air temperatures, I never doubt that Wisconsin is where I will live my best life because of the passion Ive been able to share with others regarding where and how we live.

This is our well-being issue, which is appropriate timing because many people are in the thick of pursuing New Years resolutions to achieve their best lives. And, hence, were featuring businesses whose goals are to help you do just that. Isthmus Wellness utilizes ancient Eastern therapies to help clients strengthen their body-mind-spirit connections. Community Pharmacy, an employee-managed pharmacy, strives to help their customers achieve better health. And not only do we once again have Dr. Lori Scarlett sharing her expertise on keeping our pets well, we are including an additional article about her own practice, Four Lakes Veterinary Clinic, where caring for your pets is always the resolution.

Helping people achieve their best physical health and, in conjunction, the other areas of wellness that go with it, we introduce you to three of the areas best: Amy Sanborn of MadPower Training Center, Keith Kubiesa of Summit Strength & Fitness, and vitality coach Sue Hogg. While they all have the common goal of guiding clients to their best selves, their approaches vary, which is representative of the range of options available to accommodate the different needs and wishes of individuals.

While I wish that by the time you read this the discussion has changed, Im skeptical the constant political rhetoric will be ending anytime soon. It seems that no matter where you turn, its there, and it can be overwhelming no matter what your views. In an attempt to counter the negative effects, Madison Essentials contributor Elizabeth H. Winston, PhD, has some suggestions.

With our continued positive countering, were happy to introduce you to our next community standout: Mary Landry. For long-time readers, you may recall Mary from the Share the Health series. We were so impressed by the organization and Marys efforts in it, we wanted to learn more about her own story.

To round out the issue, we have our regularly featured topics. Articles include Blue Agave Restaurant and Lounge, artist Andrew Roth, Breathe For Change, Milwaukee Road Depot, livable landscapes, retiree tax strategies, breweries, playing outside, and the next contributions from the ACLU of Wisconsin and Sandy Eichel.

Stay safe, keep warm, and think spring!

Amy Johnson