From the Publisher

Photo by Jane Kinney

Normally this is the time of year we see the Greater Madison area and the rest of the state enter its busy fall schedule, driven by students returning to universities and other school systems. But in the continuing “operations changing daily” fashion of 2020, many will not be returning in person, and those that are will be doing so under very different circumstances. The usual ramp up and bang will most likely be replaced by a cautious ping.

What does this mean for our community? At the time of this writing, many have returned to their jobs in person, some continue to work from home, and some are still waiting to return. While it’s an everyday effort to determine how to best take care of ourselves, friends, and families, it’s also important to look at how we can best take care of our communities.

Our communities are driven by local small businesses, who consistently give back to our schools and community organizations. They’re the businesses that pay the taxes that go toward our schools and the services we rely on, such as garbage pickup, road repairs, and more. They’re not the businesses who hire someone for thousands of dollars to save themselves millions by reducing their potential tax debt through system loopholes. If we want the businesses, organizations, and things we love in our community to remain, it’s imperative we remember that it only happens through our support.

Donations, purchasing gift cards or certificates, making local online purchases, and visiting in person as much as you feel comfortable while following the guidelines in place to keep everyone safe will all help our business community come out of this dark cloud.

While this fall season might look a little different than we’re used to, if your personal situation allows, think about what you can do yourself to ensure the return of a brighter and more familiar future.

Please do what you can to help and be safe.

Amy Johnson