We Remember Jane Kinney

Photo by Anne Kinney

Creatives see the world a little bit differently—a little more boldly. They take it in then turn out something equally beautiful: a painting, song, theatrical performance, or even a breathtaking bouquet of flowers. The latter is how Jane Kinney created and gave beauty to us.

Perhaps you met Jane at her shop on King Street or after she moved it to Monroe Street. Or maybe it was after she closed those doors and later began creating designs at Metcalfe’s Hilldale.

Photograph provided by Anne Kinney

I first knew Jane as one of my favorite clients and someone who would wow me and my recipients with exquisite floral explosions. Local flower growers surely loved Jane as a supporter and admirer of their blooms. Jane preferred their locally grown flowers because they made the most beautiful arrangements through Jane’s vision. I saw this firsthand when Jane agreed to work with me on a creative project spanning over two years. She created over 160 arrangements during that time period. Not one looked like another, and each was a work of art.

Photograph by Jane Kinney

With our project over, we communicated less frequently. I sent a note each month, and I’d intermittently text about something, often flowers. My last communication with her was in March. I didn’t know she was sick, just that she wasn’t working. I assumed she was simply staying home with her dog and books to remain safe, and I felt good about that. With the chaos at work that occurred those first few months, time flew by. When I did text again a few months later, it was Jane’s sister, Anne, who responded and shared the news that Jane passed away in May. I was stunned and heartbroken. A beautiful and creative life had slipped away without me even knowing it. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons the world seems darker.

Jane, thank you for all you gave to me and the many others through your creations and kind spirit. We will forever be grateful and feel fortunate to have been touched by you. I picture you now sitting peacefully in a beautiful, sunny field of flowers, listening to music, reading books, and surrounded by canine friends. May your adventures not have ended, but expanded beyond anything you could have imagined.