From the Publisher

Photo by Eric Tadsen and Travel Wisconsin

The end of the year, for me, is a time to express gratitude. Thanks to the efforts of everyone impacting Madison Essentials, we’ve reached 18 years, and, personally, I hit a 25-year company milestone. I was also heartened to be the third recipient of the Dane Buy Local Rose Molz Local Legacy Award, an award established to recognize long-term contributions to Dane Buy Local and local businesses. Rose was the first recipient, with Metcalfe’s Market to follow. It’s my goal to pay homage by continuing to work on behalf of local businesses and our community as a whole.

The reality, though, is that no one person is ever alone responsible for recognitions. I work with an incredible group of people, from designers and copy editors to writers and photographers to sales and administrative support—I would need several pages to list everyone and their contributions. And let’s not forget our inspirations. We have an extraordinary community of businesses, organizations, and individuals. Over our 18 years, we’ve been able to tell so many stories, and with all we’ve shared, there are countless more, including some new ideas on the horizon.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of Madison Essentials, has been supportive of me, and has positively impacted the place we live in. I can’t wait to do more!

Amy Johnson