LOGJAM at James Watrous Gallery


LOGJAM features sculpture and prints by‚Äč Brenda Baker, Kevin Giese, and Mark Iwinski, three artists for whom wood–from saplings and underbrush to massive old-growth stumps–is a primary material. Each in their own way, they make art that speaks to the beauty and critical importance of woodlands. Through photographs, artifacts, and text, the exhibit also considers the legacy of the Wisconsin cutover, the rise of industrial forestry, and the development of more sustainable forestry practices.

Here in the Upper Midwest, our relationship to the forest has long been integral to our cultures and sense of place. We hope that LOGJAM will inspire visitors to reflect on the state of our forests today, and to explore the efforts of forest managers, scientists, sawyers, and architects to provide high-quality timber while protecting and maintaining healthy, diverse forest ecosystems.


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