Why Cheddar Here Tastes Different


April 19 - Why Cheddar Here Tastes Different
6:45 p.m. Metcalfe’s West Cafe, 7455 Mineral Point Rd, Madison, WI

Cheddar in Wisconsin comes in every size and age imaginable. But the difference in taste can be significant, and is attributable not only to the forms used or aging techniques, but to the region in which it was made. Ask any old timer with Cheddar still stuck in his teeth, and he’ll tell you Cheddar used to taste different from one local factory to the next. Today, thanks to modern science, distinct flavor differences are being recorded between Cheddar made in western Wisconsin’s Driftless Region and in eastern Wisconsin’s glaciated region. Discover four different Wisconsin Cheddars, from aged block Cheddar, to Bandaged Cheddar to Cheddar made in 22-pound “daisy” wheels, to Cheddar Blue. Limited to 20 attendees, includes blended drink, coffee or beverage of your choice from Metcalfe’s West Cafe. Arrive at 6:45 pm to order your drink and get settled in for a 7 pm start. Register at http://www.wicheeseclass.com .


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