Relishing the Rind


May 17 - Relishing the Rind
6:45 p.m. Metcalfe’s West Cafe. 7455 Mineral Point Rd, Madison, WI

To eat or not to eat? ‘Tis the age-old question of cheese rinds. In this class, we’ll explore different types of cheese rinds: from bloomy mold on Brie, to ash on surface ripened cheeses, to natural rinds on Alpine-style and washed rinds on stinky cheese. And of course, we’ll taste exquisite examples of each. Learn more about the science and art that cheesemakers must undertake to create a beautiful and edible rind. Limited to 20 attendees, includes blended drink, coffee or beverage of your choice from Metcalfe’s West Cafe. Arrive at 6:45 pm to order your drink and get settled in for a 7 pm start. Register at .


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