TBurns and the Boomerangs LIVE at Fisher King Winery


Saturday, March 19 from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM at Fisher King Winery

TBurns plays songs and musical styles from every decade of the last century. While his style evokes the crossover spirit of the turn of the century and the Jazz Age right through to the Depression, he also captures the distinctive sounds of mid-century Delta and Country Blues; reaches deeply into the Folk and Blues styles of the Fifties and Sixties; and makes his own the Pop, Folk/Rock and Singer/Songwriter material he plays from the latter part of the 20th century through to the present.

The Boomerangs are Mike Tentis and Jim Klas. Mike plays trumpet. Jim plays bass. TBurns met up with them in the dead of winter. It was cold the first time they got together. Actually, it was so cold that day that they never met at all. They put it off until the weather warmed up and they've been playing ever since.

Mike has played in bands since he was old enough to have a paper route. He once had a stint in a band called “Yodeling Evie and Her Husband Rusty”, so don't underestimate his commitment to the craft.

Jim started playing bass when he found little encouragement for his dream of playing fourth trumpet in his high school jazz band. His upright Barker bass not only sounds great… it's gorgeous. And, while it may be true that the boys look good when the lights go down, the Barker is clearly the nicest looking member of the band.

NOTE Due to the crowd size during live music, we do not offer our “flight of 5” wine tasting from 6-9pm on live music nights. We DO offer glasses or bottles of wine, bottles of beer, bottles of soda, cheese & sausage sampler platters, baguettes, and chocolates. So please come and enjoy!


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