Opening Reception: William Lemke, Objects of Utility, Ali Kauss


Artisan Gallery
6858 Paoli Rd, Paoli, Wisconsin 53508
Friday, July 22 from 5 PM - 9 PM

William Lemke: New Images of the old World
Lemke’s travels have taken him across the globe to photograph stunning locations from the Grand Canyon to the Egyptian pyramids. This newest collection of black and white photographs focuses on his journeys through Europe. Working with large format cameras Lemke utilizes traditional photography methods and darkroom techniques.

Objects of Utility:
Utilitarian objects serve a function in our everyday lives, but these objects can also be beautifully crafted and aesthetically pleasing. The artist in this show created pieces that celebrate small and seemingly mundane moments of everyday life. Participating artists: Rob Cartelli, Jim and Chris Freeburn, Delores Fortuna, Adam Gruetzmacher, Richard Jones, Joanne Kirkland, Patrick McDaniel, Michael Michaud, Mike Mikutowksi, Ernest Miller, Tim O’Neill, Barry Newstat, and Ed Wohl.

In the Cooler: Correspondence- Ali Kauss
Working in sterling silver and non-traditional materials such as antler, found objects, and desert rock, Kauss creates one of a kind jewelry pieces which strike a balance between chaos and calm. Working intuitively with these materials she allows each piece to guide her through the process resulting in jewelry with an unconventional concept of beauty.


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