Capitol Square Ghost Walks


Our original walking tour introduces you to the unique heritage of the Capitol Square in Madison, Wisconsin. You’ll hear tales of haunted history, ghost stories, local folklore, and recent reports of paranormal activity. This tour is frequently updated with new information from ongoing paranormal investigations as well!

Please join us for a walk around some of downtown Madison’s spookiest (as well as most beautiful and historic) locations.

The cost is $15 per person. Please call (608) 448-6453 to make reservations.

What to expect? Haunted history tours are not like Halloween haunted houses. No rent-a-ghouls have been hired to jump out and startle you. However, if you’re captivated by local folklore, into Wisconsin legend tripping, a student of Madison history, or just interested in sparking your imagination with strange tales about Madison, this tour is for you.


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