John Ribble, Contemporary Printmaking and Delores Fortuna


Opening Reception Friday, February 26th, from 5pm-9pm Open to the public.

John Ribble: A Good Drive Spoiled
Madison artist, Ribble, is dedicated to recording the natural beauty of the open rural areas of Dane, Green, and Iowa counties before development overtakes them. This show will showcase his virtuoso technique with soft pastel and what can be achieved working on location.

Contemporary Printmaking
This show features recent work from six artists who use printmaking to explore their very individual views of the world around us. Briony Morrow-Cribbs, S.V. Medaris and Audrey Christie share an interest in animals, both domestic and wild, and their relationship to humans. Barry Roal Carlsen, John Miller, and Nick Wroblewski depict the Midwestern landscape showing their reverence for the natural world as well as the craft of printmaking. Expect to see formal and beautiful portrayals of the countryside as seen in Nick Wroblewski’ s wood cuts as well as more surreal visions of wildlife from the etchings of Briony Morrow-Cribbs.

In the Cooler: Delores Fortuna- A Nontraditional Approach to Clay
Fortuna’s newest work explores unconventional ways to work with porcelain; creating nonfunctional sculptures from very traditional materials.


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