September 2019

Jonah Welch

Photo by Jonah Welch

“I was about 18, 19. I was coming out as trans at the time. I started having these experiences in society that I could not reconcile with—things like going into a bathroom and being harassed or being misgendered all the time; things that were society-level problems; things that weren’t a quick fix, where there was nothing I could do. They would hit me really hard. I found drawing was pretty much the way I could get myself through that because I could take my experiences and change them with the drawing, or I could even just represent them in all their glory. It was a survival mechanism. I’ve been doing it ever since.”

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Marci Henderson: The Spirit of Self and Heart

Photo by Girl Scouts of Wisconsin–Badgerland

Condensing the complexity of life, the ability to experience, appreciate, and comprehend existence, into a linear timeline is a confine that we relish for its simplicity even though it removes much of the nuance that influences connection outside of the mind. Many of us have experienced the edges of temporal removal: when focus dissolves into interconnectedness. For some, it’s an adrenaline rush. For others, it’s getting lost in nature—forgetting the things we deem important just long enough to be uprooted. An awesome rebalancing of the senses. In Marci Henderson, I see someone who seeks to give others the gift of connection as she strives to embrace her own.

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If you’ve been keeping up with this series, you know that I once lived a life of should, where my life was designed around others to please them so they would love me. I left that life, thankfully, and hope everyone reading this will also let go of the should in their lives. The next six segments will cover topics that are huge, painful, and significant—big issues that kept me in an inauthentic life for four decades. The topics are so big that I will not only be writing about them— Madison Essentials, Simply Creative Productions, and I will be producing complementary video podcasts. But even with both written articles and video podcasts, we’ll still just scratch the surface of these life issues.

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Voting Rights

The right to vote in America originated as a privilege for those in society deemed worthy of having an opinion. Thankfully, as the country progressed, brave men and women took a stand to earn the right to vote for all citizens. Ideally, it would be wonderful to say that their sacrifices were enough and all we have left to do is take advantage of our right to vote. However, the sad reality is that our right is constantly trying to be reformed back into a privilege, and being grateful for those who came before us is simply not enough.

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Lucky's 1313

Photo by Eric Tadsen

Wisconsin is a lovely state. We eat cheese and we drink. We drink more than most states, and I ain’t talking about water. Beer is such a huge part of the Wisconsinite lifestyle that if you’re a bar and you don’t cater to the nuances of an experienced ale-and-lager palette, you’re limiting your clientele. Luckily for Madison denizens, Lucky’s 1313 on Regent is all about bringing that frothy brew to those thirsty, thirsty masses.

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Point Burger Bar

Photo by Eric Tadsen

If you add a dash of Las Vegas and bring with it a heaping dose of Wisconsin flair, the end result is Point Burger Bar, a restaurant concept that got its start in the Milwaukee area and has made an entry into the Madison market. The first eatery opened in late 2015 as the brainchild of restaurateur Brian Ward, a classically trained chef who has been operating Ward’s House of Prime, another restaurant concept, in downtown Milwaukee for more than a decade.

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From the Editor

Photo by Barbara Wilson

The best thing to hold on to in life is each other.

—author unknown

The spirit of this quote seems particularly relevant today as I write just after the El Paso and Dayton shootings. Our publication speaks to community—its strength and importance—made of people from many origins. It’s our differences that make us better because they require us to look outside of ourselves and adjust our thinking as we learn from one another. Differences lead to learning, learning leads to growth, and growth leads to strength. Together we’re stronger, and it’s that strength that helps us conquer those who might try to tear us down.

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Beer Cocktails: Laugh with the Sinners

Photo by Kyle Jacobson

When it comes to brewing beer, the line between gimmicky and experimental may well mirror that between a fool and a genius. The former is doing what they can to get a rise out of cerevisaphiles, maybe even garnering a blink of attention from someone looking for the next big thing. The latter approaches their idea with foundations in brewing knowledge, culture, and history to broaden existing connections in a thoughtful manner meant to enhance the experience of drinking a beer rather than catering to trend jumpers.

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A Favorite Season

Photo by Katy Platenberg/Olbrich Botanical Gardens

In Wisconsin, we’re definitely blessed to have four distinct seasons, and everyone has their favorite for any number of reasons. Like winter? Perhaps you ski, snowboard, ice fish, or just love the white snow blanketing everything. Can’t wait for spring? I understand—flowers start popping up, the birds are singing again, and everything is fresh and renewed. Do you savor the summer? Watersports, festivals, farmers’ markets, and long days that seem to last forever—it’s pretty great! But ask gardeners what their favorite season is and the likely answer will be fall.

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Steensland House

Photo by Bethel Lutheran Church

The work of 19th century humanitarian and philanthropist Halle Steensland continues today in Madison, more than 100 years later, by people who live in the stylishly eclectic home he built in 1896.

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Wisconsin Green Growth: A Call to Action

Photo by WEI

Today, it’s even more important for stakeholders across Wisconsin to collaborate and establish a solid new direction for the state—one that integrates a green growth strategy to create more prosperous, secure, and sustainable communities; address climate change; and respect our heritage and tradition of environmental stewardship.

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Dane County Dog Parks

Photo by Dane County Humane Society

Dane County was one of the first park systems with an off-leash dog exercise area. Its Pet Exercise Areas Program and Development Guide—now known as Dog Exercise Areas—led to many other states developing their own dog parks. The first Dane County dog park was established in 1993 with 5 more opening over the course of 4 years. We now have 19 in the Dane County Park System and 3 in nearby towns. Half are quite large and the others are smaller neighborhood parks.

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Women Can Find Clothes to Shine in at Luceo Boutique & Styling Co.

Photo by Eric Tadsen

The perfect wardrobe is one tailored to your lifestyle that reflects where you are in your life and career. The impact of personal style goes beyond making a good first impression; it’s about feeling comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. Providing this type of shopping experience for women is what Luceo Boutique & Styling Co. in Middleton is all about.

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Photo by Madison Shoe Repair

They come in almost any style, color, and configuration imaginable and serve a variety of purposes. Some lend themselves to formal occasions, while others are better suited for adventures in nature. Shoes comfort our feet, and a well-worn pair reflects the journeys we’ve been on to fill our soles. A variety of shops and services across the Madison area specialize in shoes, each with their own philosophy in offering the perfect pair to customers.

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UW Badgers Spotlight Volleyball

Photo by UW Athletic Communications

In its 45 years of existence, the story of the University of Wisconsin–Madison volleyball program has been long and winding, with a number of highs and lows notched along the way. Today, the Badgers hold a number of distinctions, both locally and nationally.

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Autumn Madison Style

Photo by Green Concierge Travel

While some days may still be warm enough for shorts and t-shirts, there’s definitely a change in the atmosphere around Madison. First, football season has arrived, and the town is painted red with Badger fans. If it’s Saturday morning and the brass sounds of the University of Wisconsin Marching Band are carrying across Madison and up to Midvale Heights, it’s a telltale sign there’s a home game. You’ll see a steady stream of cars and bicycles with red-and-white-clad riders flying UW flags. If you haven’t attended a Badger football game, you should make this season your first—it’s a great experience.

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Bergamot Massage Therapy & Bodywork: Self-care Supported by Nature

Photo by Beyond Infinity Photography

Finding a tranquil atmosphere in a massage therapy practice is a given; however, Bergamot Massage Therapy & Bodywork have made it their focus to not only serve their clients’ needs, but also serve as a role model for how to integrate business with environmental consciousness. Their mission is to provide opportunities for stress and pain relief and a sense of well-being while acting as a steward of the environment.

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