Clay, Glaze and Firing: Iowa

Photo by Billy Cho

Whether we’re talking sculptors, painters, authors, musicians, or any other creative, decade after decade, the Midwest produces some of the most profound artists in the world. In recognition, this year we’re zooming out from Wisconsin to celebrate ceramicists in our neighboring states. Next stop: Iowa.

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Julie Wolfgram: Roots in the Ground

Photo by MOD Media

We like to think we know how to listen. How to agree, disagree, laugh, help, and empathize. But not every voice is speaking so directly. Our worlds are filled with voices, but so many perpetually screaming go ignored because we don’t know how to hear them. If the squeaky wheel gets the grease, what of the silenced ecosystem once home to humming bumblebees, seeting chickadees, and chattering wood ducks?

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Unintentional or Unconscious Bias

Welcome back to the “us” in inclUSion. This series discusses how we’re responsible for the culture we live in and for the changes that need to be made. We are in this together, but we all have to do some work individually too. It’s our responsibility, and it will take all of us contributing to make real change.

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Food Carts

Photo by Banzo

In late winter 2020, restaurants watched their reservation books go from full to empty to legally closed within a few weeks. As capacity rules and mask mandates were tossed about between the legislature and governor, most establishments closed their dining rooms.

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All Up In Your Ale: Jalapeo Beers

Photo by Emily Walsh Perkins

Sick and tired of bland cheese dips? Is your nacho party full of no-shows? Do you want to hurt yourself just a little bit on the inside? Then you need jalapeños. That’s right, say goodbye to uneventful bowel movements, and say hello to a new way to compare yourself to people you barely know. Wanna spice up that burger? Add jalapeños. Kick up that cornbread? Peño. Turn a beer into a sinus cleanser?

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Agricultural Dean's Residence at Allen Centennial Garden

Photo by Kolin Goldschmidt

To ensure that the first dean of the College of Agriculture at the University of Wisconsin–Madison would not be lured away by another institution of higher education, the regents built him a house in 1896. Today, that Queen Anne-style house stands at 620 Babcock Drive on the UW campus. The house was added to the National Register of Historic Places in September 1984.

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International Crane Foundation: One Health of the Land

Photo by Rich Beilfuss

International Crane Foundation’s (ICF’s) history is one that carries over the years and across different countries. Not many are aware of the work they do for cranes and the impact they have until they are introduced to cranes in some way, and visiting the 15 species of cranes at their headquarters in Baraboo, Wisconsin, is a good way to understand these large, impressive birds.

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More than JustDane

Photo by JustDane

Local voices are key for nonprofits to make an ongoing impact in any community. Though other regions can inspire efforts in our area, an initiative that works halfway across the country won’t necessarily translate over 1,500 miles. And even in cases where only part of a program works, the rest can’t be forced through. What JustDane is doing for Dane County continues to be effective because of the time they spend seeking out relevant perspectives before filling in the gaps surrounding services for people who need them most, all while empowering other visionaries and volunteers. In the best cases, those empowered individuals grow into their own nonprofits.

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Dog Days of Summer

Summer is the busiest time at a veterinary clinic, with increased visits mainly due to summertime maladies and emergencies. We don’t see many allergic reactions to insect stings in the winter, but they greatly increase in late summer, when yellow jackets are most active.

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From the Publisher

Photo by MOD Media

It’s a beautiful 74-degree spring day. The sun’s out, the grass is greening and growing, and the birds are chirping and flittering in delight. I love this time of year. While some can’t understand why anyone would be willing to live through Wisconsin winters, I can’t imagine the feeling of a day like today would be as sweet without the invigoration that comes from spring’s rebirth.

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Fontana Sports: Navigating the Challenges of Small Business Ownership

Photo by Eric Tadsen

Small businesses are recognized annually the first week of May during National Small Business Week for a reason. Life is hard for small businesses. A week of recognition for the significant contributions of entrepreneurs and small business owners seems hardly enough to acknowledge their value to our economy. More than half of Americans either own or work for a small business, which creates nearly two out of every three new jobs in the United States each year. Over the past year, new start-ups and established businesses alike had to think on their feet, prioritizing the urgent while constantly pivoting to adapt to customer needs to stay in business.

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