From the Editor

UW Badgers Rowing Team
Photo by Paul Capobianco

“True belonging doesn’t require us to change who we are; it requires us to be who we are.”

—Brené Brown

During what continues to be a very volatile time, we can use the encouragement to identify and embrace who we are, and to feel comfortable and safe in our own skin. It’s a process that is both necessary and fragile. And while we are ultimately in control of our own being, it’s also important for us to recognize the need to support each other and to have others to support us on our individual and collective path.

Who we are is often connected to where we choose to live, and the Greater Madison area, in fact, the entire State of Wisconsin, thrives when we are supportive of each other. Madison Essentials represents this community that encompasses our lives by featuring such topics as local food and shopping, charitable organizations, the arts, individuals serving others, home and pet topics, and how we can spend our time. We will always be stronger because of each other, and Madison Essentials will always be showing just how it’s happening.

Please enjoy our Community & Culture issue.

Amy Johnson